Tennis Racquets, Clothing & Equipment 

The tennis racquets, clothing and equipment that we supply at Hobbs Sports, will help you to shine out on the court. Our collection of tennis racquets have been chosen for their ability to deliver both power and control in your swing. We known this because, the companies that supply our tennis racquets rigorously test them to make certain that they are imbued with the latest technology, guaranteeing you a racquet that is both strong and light.

At Hobbs Sport, our tennis clothes are perfect for enabling unrestricted freedom of movement while you play on the court. Made using lightweight materials to enable your skin to breathe freely during exercise, our tennis clothing will help you to go further on the court. While the tennis shoes that we provide you with long lasting comfort and stability, enabling you to remain light on your feet. Our range of tennis clothing and shoes caters for kids, men and women alike. The tennis equipment that we supply includes tennis balls, bags, wristbands, grips and much more, in fact everything you need for a edge over your competitors. With prestigious brands such as Adidas, Head and Wilson, among others, for you to choose from, it will soon be a case of Game, Set and Match to you. Discover our range of tennis racquets, clothing and equipment online or visit us in store at Hobbs Sport, Cambridge, for all your tennis needs.